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Mission Statement

 Our Mission Statement

We at Simply Alternative want our customers to shop with us knowing that all our products and services are in line with our values and our vision to provide a truly Holistic experience.

Our Mission Statement is summarised by our five main aims:

1)  A Honest Approach to Holistic Health and Wellbeing

We make a commitment to our customers to provide information and products relating only to proven Holistic therapies and products, and promise to explained and presented in plain English

2) Products that Help Achieve Balance

Our products are carefully selected and sourced to give our customers as wide a choice as possible of items to achieve balance, increase energy, combat stress and help us get the most out of life.

3) Products that Support our Ethical Trading Values

Wherever it's possible to determine, our goods aren't tested on animals.

Many of the ranges stocked from the Far East are guaranteed not to have been produced using child or slave labour.

4) We are committed to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We all need to look to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of our waste as we possibly can in order to minimise both our environmental and financial impact on the earths limited resources.

Reduce - where possible we source products locally thus reducing the impact on the environment.

Reuse - Wherever possible we reuse all packaging materials we receive from wholesalers and other suppliers - you may find that your box, jiffy bag or bubble wrap has been reused, although it will always be fit for purpose.

Recycle - Where we have materials or packaging that we can't reuse, we always ensure that it is responsibly recycled by personally taking it to a licensed local authority recycle centre

Wherever possible we use glass bottles and jars as they are more ecologically aware, being easier to recycle than most plastic containers.

We use recycled paper and ink cartridges for all our stationery, invoices and correspondence where available.

5) Additional Resources to Create Your Haven