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Essential Oil Peppermint
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Essential Oil Peppermint

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Model: EO-04
Manufacturer: Ancient Wisdom
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Peppermint Essential Oil is an extremely versatile oil with many varied uses.

It's a great mental stimulant - good to use when studying (but not last thing at night). It's also good for itchy skin (you just need to add one drop to your bath).

It's good for calming upset tummys. Try massaging the affected area in a clockwise direction. You may also find it useful in a foot bath (not more than 3 drops) to cool and deodorise feet.

Peppermint has a cooling action which can also help to clear nasal passages when used in a steam inhalation. Good to use in conjunction with Lavender and Marjoram during winter, either as a chest rub (diluted with Carrier Oils) or to Vapourise.

It's also a useful deterrent for vermin - e.g. mice, rats, ants and cockroaches, especially when combined with Eucalyptus.

Oil properties

Essential oil by steam distillation of the flowering herb. Sweet & rich smell

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