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Tumble Stones healing

Disclaimer: The crystal healing information below is provided as guidance only. It is not intended for, and neither should it be taken as professional medical advice nor a substitute for any professional medical service.

Aids a loss of sense of smell Vesuvianite
Aids memory and intelligence Dinosaur Coprolite Pyrite
Alcoholism Amethyst
All purpose healing Green Aventurine Turquoise
Alzheimers and Dementia Buddstone
Anaemia Sodalite
Anti inflammatory Blue Chalcedony Pink Agate Botswana
Arthritis  Chrysocolla Malachite Tourmalinated Quartz
Asthma Chalcopyrite Malachite
Autism Charoite
Balances the body Actinolite Green Quartz
Bladder problems Prehnite Bronzite Mookaite
Blood disorders Angelite Bloodstone Hematite 
Body Odour Leopard Skin Jasper  Ocean Jasper
Bone Marrow Black Onyx
Bowels Blue Tigers Eye
Brain Disorders Chalcopyrite
Breast Cancer Jade
Brings down a temperature Blue Chalcedony
Bronchitis Chalcopyrite Pyrolusite
Calcium Deficiencies Tremolite
Covellite Petalite 

Circulation Agatised Coral Bloodstone Blue Coral Green Moss Agate Fire Agate 

Colds and flu Green Fluorite
Concentration - good for students Golden Tigers Eye
Confidence Rainbow Moonstone
Depression Botswana Agate  Lithium Quartz Silver Topaz
Diabetes Atlantisite Girasol Pink Opal
Diarrhoea Amethyst
Digestive problems Blue Lace Agate Celestite Ocean Jasper
Diminishes burns and blistering Rose Quartz Amazonite
Diverticulitis Red Tigers Eye
Dyslexia Tourmalinated Quartz
Eliminates toxins Apache Tear Obsidian Celestite Leopard Skin Jasper
Epilepsy Selenite
Fatigue Opalite
Fatty Deposits Astrophylite
Feet Black Onyx Smokey Quartz
Fever Merlinite
Gallstones,Kidney Stones Carnelian Citrine
Gives courage Rhodochrosite
Grief Botswana Agate
Hair Growth Chalcopyrite
Harmonises atmosphere in family troubles Dravite
Hayfever Aquamarine Picture Jasper
Headache Ametrine Angelite
Heal bones Aragonite Calcite Hematite Apache Tear Obsidian
Healing abuse issues Rhodonite
Heals past life traumas Rhodochrosite
Hearing problems Clear Quartz Phantom Quartz
Heart Problems Angelite Citrine Opal Boulder Rainbow Fluorite Nephrite Jade
Heartburn Chrysocolla Bloodstone
Helps athletes with cartilage problems Dalmatian Jasper
Helps have a healthy pregnancy Unakite
Helps in childbirth Peach Moonstone
Helps the menstrual cycle Black Moonstone
Helps the stomach Black Obsidian Blue Goldstone Goldstone Peach Moonstone
Helps weight loss Prehnite
Hernias Atlantisite
Hip Joints Rhyolite Angelite
Hospital Respite Red Jasper Yellow Jasper
Hypochondria Pink Opal
Improve eyesight Aquamarine Scolecite Tree Agate
Increases energy levels Rutilated Quartz
Increases fertility Chrysoprase
Insect Sting Amethyst Apache Tear
Insomnia Amethyst  
Intestines Green Moss Agate Calcite Orange Calcite Scolecite
Kidney Complaints Atlantisite Citrine Jade Prehnite Nephrite Jade
Lessens wrinkles Blue Fluorite Purple Fluorite
Liver Epidote Iolite
Liver Damage Charoite
Lowers blood pressure Blue Calcite Kyanite Sodalite
Lowers cholesterol Magnesite
Lung Problems African Turquoise Chevron Amethyst Jade Scolecite
Makes healing faster after injury Grossular Garnet Purple Jasper
Malaria Iolite
Menopause Bronzite
Metabolism Opal Boulder
Mouth Ulcers Sunstone
Nervous System Agatised Coral Amazonite Blue Coral Lepidolite 

Pain Relief Lepidolite
Patience Actinolite Blue Aventurine 
Period Pains Atlantisite
Physical endurance Brecciated Jasper Poppy Jasper
Promotes calmness Lapis Lazuli
Prostate Labradorite  Carnelian Apache Tear Obsidian
Purifies the blood Dalmation Jasper Mookaite
Quit smoking Jade Lepidolite
Recovering from addictions Lithium Quartz
Reduces liver spots Seraphinite
Regulates insulin Chrysocolla
Reproductive System Astrophylite Red Aventurine
Respiratory problems Pietersite
Rheumatism Chiastolite
Rheumatism Labradorite Turquoise
Self Worth Actinolite Rainbow Obsidian
Skin Allergy Mookaite Chalcedony Fluorite
Skin Treatment Aragonite Lithium Quartz 
Sore Throat African Turquoise Angelite Kyanite Lapis Lazuli Sunstone
Spleen Girasol Rose Quartz
Stomach Acid Bloodstone
Stomach Cancer Smokey Quartz 
Stomach Ulcers Prasiolite
Strengthens vein walls Rutilated Quartz Snowflake Obsidian
Stress and anxiety Howlite Labradorite Yellow Agate 

Stubbornness Blue Aventurine
Teeth and Gums Black Agate Howlite
Testicles and ovaries Ruby in Zoisite Verdite
Thyroid Rhodonite
Toenails and fingernails Blue Lace Agate
Tooth Decay Amazonite Howlite
Tumours Prasiolite
Vertigo and balance Blue Fluorite Purple Fluorite
Viruses Fluorite
Vomiting Lapis Lazuli
Works with the immune system Quantum Quattro Snow Quartz