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Wild berry incense guide.

(short)=approx. 1/3 of end
(medium)=approx.2/3 of end
(long)=entire end

Amber - A powdery musk fragrance. - Orange (short)
Aphrodisia™ - A strong floral with hints of rose and jasmine. - Pink (long)
Arabian Night™ - A fresh floral with green notes. - White / Purple (long)
Aromatic Teakwood™ - A woody and masculine scent. - Brown (long)
Awapuhi - A tropical floral with a touch of pineapple. - Yellow / Dark green (long)
Baking Brownies™ - A decadent dark cocoa fragrance. - Tan / Natural (long)
Bayberry - Spicy holiday scent. - Dark green (short)
Blend 22™ - Fruity blend of over a dozen fragrances. - Natural (long)
Cactus Blossom - Light floral scent reminiscent of the American Southwest. - Green-yellow (medium)
Candy Cane - Christmas candy cane, intense peppermint scent. - White (medium)
Carmen Miranda's Hat™ - A splash of fruit punch with strong note of cherry. - Blue-green (medium)
Champa Flower™ - An exotic, powdery floral. - Yellow / Red (long)
Cherry - A true cherry fragrance. - Red (short)
Cherry Vanilla - A blend of fresh cherry and rich vanilla. - Red / Pink (long)
China Rain - A crisp and refreshing floral. - Light blue (short)
Christmas Kiss™ - A distinctive holiday blend with light floral notes. - Pink (long)
Cinnamon - A true cinnamon spice fragrance. - Brown (short)
Clove - A true clove fragrance. - Black (medium)
Coconut - A true coconut fragrance. - White (short)
Copal - An earthy resin fragrance. - Red (medium)
Cranberry - A true cranberry fragrance. - Red (long)
Desert Sage™ - A true sage fragrance. - Green / Light green (long)
Dragon's Blood - An earthy, musky resin. - Deep purple (long)
Egyptian Cotton™ - A light fresh fragrance. - White / Light blue (long)
Eucalyptus - A strong, minty fragrance. - White / Dark green (long)
Evergreen - A true resin fragrance. - Dark green (long)
Fairy Dust™ - A citrusy blend, designed to mask smoke odor. - Clear w/ glitter (long)
Fantasia™ - A spicy blend with hints of vanilla and musk. - Pink (long)
Fiesta Lime™ - A bright, festive citrus fragrance. - Green w/ glitter (short)
Fizzy Pop™ - An effervescent splash of lemon-lime soda fragrance. - Blue w/ glitter (long)
Forest Dew™ - A floral resin with honeysuckle and vanilla. - Blue-green (short)
Frankincense - An earthy and spicy true fragrance. - Orange (medium)
Fresh Rain - A strong ozone fragrance with a slight citrus finish. - Light blue (medium)
Gingerbread - A buttery, oven-fresh fragrance. - Orange / Brown (long)
Good Earth™ - An earthy blend with patchouli and sandalwood. - Brown (medium)
Green Apple - A tart fruit fragrance. - Light green (short)
Harmony - A citrus blend with light floral notes. - Yellow / Blue (long)
Havana Blue - A crisp citrus blend with light floral notes. - Light blue / Bluish white (long)
Herbal Mist™ - A light floral fragrance. - Blue (short)
Honeysuckle - A strong floral with fresh green notes. - Peach (short)
India Moon™ - An earthy blend of floral and musk. - Orange / Blue (long)
Isis™ - A romantic blend of spice and musk. - Purple w/ glitter (long)
Jasmine - A bright floral fragrance. - Light blue (long)
Latin Lover™ - A spicy musk with notes of leather.- Red w/ glitter (long)
Lavender - A formal and true floral fragrance. - Purple (short)
Lavender Citronella - A strong floral scent that contains natural citronella. - Purple (long)
Lemon - A fresh citrus fragrance. - Yellow (short)
Lemon Citronella - A strong blend of fresh lemon and citronella. - Yellow (long)
Lilac - A true floral fragrance. - Purple (long)
Madagascar Spice™ - A spicy exotic fragrance with a strong vanilla base. - Brown / Tan (long)
Magic Garden™ - A bright, fresh floral. - Green w/ glitter (long)
Melon - A strong blend of honeydew and musk melon. - Green-yellow (short)
Misty Mountain™ - A woody and masculine fragrance with notes of cedar. - Blue-black (medium)
Mountain Heather™ - A soft, powdery floral. - Pink / Navy blue (long)
Mulberry - A strong and tart fruity fragrance. - Red / Black (long)
Musk - A rich, musk fragrance. - Dark blue (long)
Myrrh - A warm traditional resin fragrance. - Red (medium)
Mysteriosa™ - A feminine floral blend. - Black w/ glitter (long)
Night Queen - A subtle floral infuse with night blooming jasmine. - Blue-black (long)
Nirvana™ - An earthy sweet perfume with opium and vanilla. - Yellow (medium)
Ocean Wind - A fresh, citrusy ozone with notes of grapefruit. - Blue-green (long)
Opium - A dark and sensual perfume classic. - Black (long)
Orange - A sweet and true citrus fragrance. - Orange (long)
Oriental Charm™ - A clean and fragrant perfume. - Red w/ glitter (short)
Patchouli - A spicy and earthy classic. - Brown (long)
Peace Of Mind™ - A fruity, floral blend with peach and vanilla. - Pink (medium)
Peach - A fresh and true fragrance. - Peach (medium)
Pear Vanilla - A blend of ripe pear and rich vanilla. - White / Yellow (long)
Pink Carnation - A strong floral with a fresh green finish. - White / Pink (long)
Pinon - A soft resin fragrance. - Light green (long)
Polo Crest - A masculine and spicy perfume. - Light green (medium)
Pomegranate - A fruity and tart fragrance. - Plum / Purple (long)
Pounding Surf™ - A clean scent with subtle notes of citrus and earthiness. - Light Blue w/ glitter (medium)
Queen of the Nile™ - A spicy perfume with hints of vanilla. - Blue-green w/ glitter (medium)
Rasberry Rose - A fruity, floral fragrance. - White / Red (long)
Root Beer - A frothy root beer fragrance. - Brown w/glitter (short)
Rose - A strong, classic fragrance. - Pink (short)
Rugged Leather - A classic masculine perfume. - Tan (long)
Sandalwood - A woody, green fragrance. - Dark green (long)
Sensuality - A smooth, floral perfume blend. - Pink / Red (long)
Simmering Cider - A warm, spicy blend of cinnamon and apple. - Yellow / Brown (long)
Sky - A floral with light ozone notes. - Dark blue (medium)
Strawberry - A true fruit fragrance. - Red (long)
Summer Day™ - A heavy floral fragrance. - Yellow (long)
Sunshine - A clean, bright citrus. - Yellow / Orange (long)
Tibetan Orchid™ - A light, exotic floral. - Purple / Pink (long)
Tranquility - A subtle citrus fragrance. - Dark blue / Bluish white (long)
Vanilla - A warm, classic fragrance. - White (long)
Virgin Woods™ - A spicy, tranquil redwood fragrance. - Brown (medium)
Yin Yang™ - A spicy, musky perfume blend with notes of vanilla and sandalwood. - Purple (medium)
Zen™ - A dark musk fragrance. - Black (short)