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Angel cards readings


If you believe your life will be better steered with the support of guardian angels or other spirits use a deck of Angel Cards to take messages from your spiritual protectors. Let them help you through the day, but let them be fun too. Many of the packs we sell at Simply Charming contain their own instructions, but here are our simple suggestions for getting the best start from a fresh pack of Cards.
Many users are in the habit of cleansing a fresh pack of Angel Cards. Some say a prayer or other dedication, some pass them through the smoke from scented incense – you will see sage and frankincense mentioned if you investigate this stage more thoroughly. And having cleansed your cards, look after them. Keep them in a safe or special place. And now, look at your cards! Shuffle through them, look at the illustrations, recognise key words, and read some of the verses, just to get a feeling for the messages that will be coming your way. Just get a feel for your cards.

A reading is normally taken as a spread, and we recommend a start with a 3-card spread. Shuffle the cards, and then deal three face-up in front of you. Always use the same positions: the first card, placed furthest from you, represents your Past; come a little nearer with the second, your Present; and finally place your third card, your Future, nearest to you.
Now interpret your cards, but do it quickly - take the meaning as the first thoughts which come into your mind. These are the cleanest and most honest thoughts. Do not prevaricate, do not debate, do not worry about whether it might be right or wrong – it is what it is. Enjoy the messages, and practice a different reading tomorrow.