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Ritual Candles

 There are so many different kinds of ritual candles, different sizes, different types, and different colours, that sometimes it gets really confusing about which kind of ritual candle is right for you. Does it really matter, Do the Gods fail to listen to you if you use the wrong colour or shape of Wiccan ritual candle, no. As with all other ritual tools and altar supplies, they are used in order to help you focus your energies and your intent. For some people, it is researching what colours of ritual candles have historically been used for what types of Wiccan rituals. Many people, especially beginners to Wicca, feel most comfortable by using the same "tried and tested" colours and types of ritual candles. This comfort can often translate into better focus. Now, of course, if a specific colour means something special to you, and it is not the "standard" colour that you read about here, or in a Candle Magick book, that's ok. Strong personal feelings are definitely one way to help you channel and focus. You may even have strong feelings about not using any coloured candles at all, and sticking to black or white. That's ok too. Your focus is not the same as my focus, and what works for you may not work for me. If you want strict rules for rituals, try Ceremonial Magick. Wicca is a lot more relaxed colour chart  

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